Daikin Applied Americas Wired Navigation Remote Controller

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Wired Navigation Remote Controller

  • Up to 16 indoor units are controllable within one group
  • Within one group, up to 2 Navigation Remote Controllers can be used, one as a main and one as a sub
  • Temperature sensor built‐in with configurable offset
  • Display of Temperature and Setpoint in 1°F / °C increments
  • Three configurable display options: Detailed, Standard and Simple
  • Dual setpoints (independent cooling and heating setpoints) with configurable minimum setpoint differential or Single Setpoint (occupied period)
  • Setpoint range limit for cooling and heating modes
  • Independent cooling and heating setback setpoints (unoccupied period)
  • Auto changeover control with configurable Primary changeover at setpoint ±1° F with guard timer

Product PDF Links:  Navigation Remote Controller BRC1E73 Submittal Sheet

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