Daikin Applied Americas KRP Adaptor for Wired Remote Controller

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KRP Adaptor for Wired Remote Controller

  • The Daikin Adapter for Wired Remote Controllers is required on 19 Series and Aurora systems using one of the following controller/adaptor:
    o BRC944B2 - Wired Remote Controller
    o KRP928BB2S - RA Interface Adaptor for DIII-Net
    o KRP413AB1S - Wiring Adaptor for Timer Clock / Remote Controller
    o BRP072A43 - Wireless LAN Connect Adaptor (includes an Adaptor for Wired Controller already)
  • Provides a S21 interface for the compatible indoor unit model which does not have a build-in S21 connector

Product PDF Links: Adaptor for wired controllers Submittal Sheet


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